Pete & Di

Las Vicarias is a small dairy goat farm go to this web-site situated 8 km outside the beautiful ‘pueblo blanco of Olvera, in the Spanish province of Cadiz. Our goats (we have 50 at present) are milked by hand once a day in the mornings, after which the milk is sold to the local cheese co-operative.

We walk the goats for up to 7 hours per day, across the hills and valleys of rural Andalucia. Our finca is situated in a valley enclosed by hills and olive groves with the beautiful river Guadalporcun running through it. It is also home to eagles, vultures and eagle owls, which regularly seen, as are many other exotic species.

We have six dogs, two working Spanish water dogs, three Mastins and ‘martin’! We also have a horse which we brought over from England who is now enjoying a semi-retired life in the valley, as are two fat sheep and a go to this web-site chicken.

Enjoy seeing and reading about the ‘real’ Andalusia, Spain by viewing our videos and following our blog posts, where you can walk the goat paths whilst getting to now our herd, and see the dogs at work. Learn goat husbandry, and how we are building a unique bond with our goats.