Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay can be difficult for anyone, be it students in high school or university. Thus, here are some writing tips from you may use in writing your essay.

  1. For the first tip, do some research on possible topics you wish to write about. It is advisable that you categorize each journal, books or any other sources you found based on topics they can cover.

  2. Choose a topic. Once you have all your sources categorized, you may choose a topic based on the number of sources available for use or based on what you prefer. But it is highly recommended you write about a topic which is refreshing to the readers but still has ample sources for use.

  3. Create an outline. This helps you make your writing consistent and helps you organize your ideas.

  4. Create a thesis statement. This part of the essay should be able to encompass your ideas wherein your body paragraphs are able to support this. Make sure that it is also brief and concise as possible.

  5. Write your body paragraphs. Using all the resources you gathered, you should organize them in such a manner that you avoid irrelevant information but solely compile to support your thesis statement.

  6. Write your introduction. In writing the introduction, start off with something catchy such as quotes, a summary of the essay, etc. This portion should also be consistent in making sure that your audience would be willing enough to read your entire paper.

  7. Write the conclusion. In writing your conclusion, make sure that it reaffirms your thesis statement and summarizes your paper.

  8. Have your paper checked by your peers or professor in charge before finalizing your entire paper. Check for all errors or any mistakes that would render your paper bad.

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