Sponsor Chinita (Chinni)

Date of birth: 22nd February 2007

If Mikki is the soul of ‘Las Vicarias’, Chinni is the heart.

Chinni arrived in the footwell of a car, she had pneumonia and Antonio didn’t think she would pull through. We gave her antibiotics, a warm bed and crossed our fingers. Fat sheep Carmen looked after her, and slowly she recovered and walked with the other youngsters. Her aim in life was to lead the herd, but sadly, every time she fought her way to the head of the herd she was struck down with another illness. The herd contracted an eye disease but got over it quickly, but not Chinni. We were on top of a hill and I realised Chinni was blind. I put my hand on her neck and guided her down the steep slope to home. She trusted me and kept her head on my leg all the way. After a long recuperation, she regained her sight and came back out fighting fit again. October 2011, I thought it was the end. Having given birth to 3kids she collapsed and was close to death. With Peter and I in floods of tears, Chinni decided it was a bad day to die and slowly got up and walked to the mineral lick. To date she is in recovery. Our plan for her future is not allowing her to get pregnant again and to keep her dried up of milk, which may keep the mastitis at bay. She has achieved her ambition and is now the true head of the herd. She works with me, leading the goats and waiting for my instructions. Every night as I walk the girls back from the campo she waits for the words ‘take them home Chinni’ and she sets the pace, calmly walking back to Las Vicarias.


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