Sponsor Gina

Date of birth:  14th October 2008

Gina was born to one of Antonio’s goats who rejected her. She came down to me and we gave her to our late Lucy.  Lucy had fostered three other babies, but Gina remained her favourite. They were inseparable. Gina is a very gentle goat and we use her to supply little Katy with milk. As soon as we come into the stable with the bottle she walks over to us to be milked. When Lucy died, Gina was so sad and we spent many evenings in the stable with her, just talking and reassuring her. She now is very close to us, and I am hoping this December she has a little girl of her own and she will have her own family.


STOP PRESS: Unfortunately Gina passed away on 9th August 2012. Thanks to everyone for all of your kind messages.