Sponsor Mikki

Date of birth: 24th may 2008

She was born with a vitamin  deficiency,  and this came to light when she was 2 months old. She started to walk on her knees and her hooves grew at an alarming rate. Her mother died, and it became too dangerous for her to live with Antonio’s herd as she had no mother to protect her and he couldn’t carry her to drink water, 5 times a day. Mikki came to us. For the next 3 months we carried her outside to the corral, helped her to walk and get her to trust us. She had always crawled on her knees, then slowly we got her to stand and use her legs. 4years later, she is out walking with the goats for up to six hours a day, has produced a beautiful daughter, Elma, and continues to  brighten  our day by giving us kisses and showing she trusts us to protect her. She has her own stable to keep her safe from the bigger goats. To us, she is the most special goat on the farm.


Sponsor Mikki now for 52 Euros per year