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Date of birth: 28th December 2006

Ruby was one of our first goats. Antonio gave her to me to start off  the herd. She was a funny little kid, always jumping onto my shoulders or doing circus tricks on upturned buckets. The first time she gave birth was to three very big boys.It was then we discovered she had a calcium deficiency which bowed her legs. This has not hampered her at all, she just walks a little slower than the rest of the girls. The following two pregnancy’s have caused great problems. She prolapsed twice. This is a very dangerous condition, were we were not at hand at the time to replace the uterus and stich her up. The first time it happened, peter and I did shift duty in the stable, sitting with her for 3 days and nights. The second time we were better prepared and she slept in the house! Our plan is similar to Chinni’s. She is now retired. Having lost her first daughter in a tragic accident, she now has Robin, a lovely girl and we are happy to retire her and just enjoy having her with us. Antonio thinks we called her Ruby because she is blonde and Spanish for blonde is rubita, but we named her after a Cat Stevens song!


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