Sponsor Daisy

Date of birth: 10th September 2010

Daisy, from the moment she was born, has been the most sweet, loving little girl. I wasn’t going to keep her, as her mother, Florentina, had not been well and I felt she needed a rest from babies. Two weeks later, Daisy had stolen our hearts and so she stayed. She had a very close family, sister Maggie and her mum Florry, were always together. Life then took a turn for the worse for poor Daisy. Her mother and sister were struck down with an incurable form of mastitis. Highly contagious, I had to isolate then both and before they suffered I had to have them destroyed. The hardest decision I have had to make, but my job is to protect the herd. This left Daisy alone and very bewildered. The other family groups took her in. This is quiet unusual, but Daisy is an innocent little thing and the other families must have felt very sorry for her. I would check her at night and find her cuddled with one family and then the following night with another. Even Alicia allows her to sleep with her .Her best friends are Willow and Zoe. Not perhaps the best choice, as those two are the ‘naughties’ of the herd, but they take care of her when we go out walking.


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