Sponsor Gerona

Date of birth: 5th February 2008

Gerona came to us, from Antonio, when she was just a year old. Never the most friendly goat, always keeping her distance. A very easy goat to milk, but at did not like to be touched or cuddled. Then along came little Julia. Gerona adopted Julia as her own, and we watched, as nursed her. Overnight she changed into the most loving mother. She later adopted Veronica (Ronni) and protected her, but Julia is her favourite. A very strong goat, she will hold her own even with Alicia. Then disaster struck. She had climbed an olive tree, trapped her leg, which bent double and shattered it above and on the knee. We put a splint on it, treated her for the inflammation and secondary infection, but alas the break was too bad. She now manages to walk on three legs, and has accepted her disability and gets on with life.


Sponsor Gerona now for 52 Euros per year