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Date of birth: 2nd October 2011

She was a very big surprise. Her mother is Chinni, but sadly, Chinni had been very ill during her pregnancy, she had mastitis in both teats. After delivering 2 big babies, she was close to death. Peter and I watched over her for 6 hours, thinking she was going to die. I had to come into the house to take a break, make a coffee and to try and stop crying. Peter called to me to come quick. As I got to the stable, there was little Mavis. We had another drama going on at the same time as Mavis was born. Our dear Lucy was nearing the end of her life as she had an incurable chest infection. Lucy loved babies, and would try and steal all of the newborns. We gave her Mavis, and for the last  month of her life she was devoted to her. Mavis is very close to her sister Bibi and the other orphans, she is gentle and her best friend is bobby (Roberta).


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